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The Latest Trends in Bathroom Remodels

The bathroom is more than a place to get ready in the morning, and is not often a place of luxury and convenience. Here are several trends you may want to consider implementing during your bathroom remodel:

High-Tech Options

Many modern bathrooms now implement high-tech options that are an experience for the senses. Some of the most trendy tech options include:

Built-In Audio Systems – If you enjoy listening to music while you relax in a steamy shower or warm bath, consider implementing a fully loaded bathroom audio system, complete with a central control system.

Chromatherapy – This trendy new addition offers mood-enhancing colors which will help you relax during a bath.

High-Tech Shower Controls – If you want to enjoy a high-tech shower experience, consider a fully controlled shower system that includes control options for water pressure, heat, steam and more.

Water-Saving Fixtures

Many homeowners are concerned about fixtures that help save water, not only to help the environment but to decrease utility bills. Some of the best trends include:

Low-Flow Toilet – Many new toilet models offer dual flush technology, allowing for two different flushing options depending on what needs to be flushed.

Hands-Free Faucet – Many homeowners can easily and affordably save water by installing low-flow faucets. Many touchless options are also available which will automatically turn off when hands are not present to be washed.

Creating a Seamless Look

A new design trend in bathrooms involves creating a seamless look. This trend includes a clean, minimalistic look that evokes the sense of a luxury spa. One option to create this seamless look is installing a concealed commode which involves hiding the toilet in a decorative sliding wood panel case.

Safety Features

As a large portion of the population reaches retirement age, many new bathroom remodeling trends include the addition of safety features like:

Walk-In Tubs – Rather than having to lift one’s leg and risk slipping to enter or exit the tub, many elderly individuals install walk-in tubs which offer a door.

Shower Seats – For those who are unable to stand or stand for a longer period of time, a slip-resistant shower seat is a great and easy addition.

Hand Bars – Hand grips not only offer solid support for entering or exiting a shower or tub, but can also be an added design feature.

If you want to implement the latest trends into your bathroom remodel, turn to the experts at Trusted Home Contractors for help.