Serenity Now! How to Get your Ultimate Spa Bathroom

  • Making updates here and there is an easy way to limit cost and time when considering a bathroom remodel. Refinish your bathroom countertops in an elegant marble and you will see a dramatic change right away.

    modern bathroom remodel
  • Installing stunning cabinetry is another affordable way to begin to change the look and feel of your bathroom. If you can spend a little more, use those extra funds for a special trim around an ordinary bathroom mirror and you will be surprised that such a small detail could make such a big difference!

    bathroom cabinets
  • You may love everything about your bathroom but the cold, tile floor. Let our trusted home contractors help you determine the cost of changing nothing but the floors! Adding a wood floor can warm up a more modern bathroom and instantly create a spa-like atmosphere.

    contemporary bathroom with hardwood floors
  • Ah the shower. Often the unsung hero of the bathroom, shoved aside and ignored except for a creative shower curtain every once in a while. A thoughtful update that will immediately stand out, consider installing a sophisticated shower, perhaps big enough for two. Adding a Rain Can shower head as well as massaging shower heads on the side will ensure a relaxing experience. Install a towel-warming rack to the side so your hot towel will be ready as soon as you get out.

    bathroom with glass shower
  • They say that a secret to a long and happy marriage is having separate bathrooms. If that isn’t in the budget this year, or this marriage, talk to our trusted home contractors about adding an extra sink! No more sharing razors or soap. A very affordable way to update a master bathroom and with the cost of razors today, this update will pay for itself.

    corner bathroom
  • One of the more popular remodels today is happening in the attic! Although this can be costly, with returns of 80+% on your original investment, we think it’s worth the time and effort. With a small seating area, this oasis away from the hustle and bustle below will make you feel like you’ve found a secret hiding place. Add some fresh FLOWERS for a splash of color.  Just make sure someone knows you’re up there!

    luxury bathroom remodel
  • The claw-footed tub. Need we say more? Ok we will. Adding this tub is a luxurious  update that now anyone can afford. They come in all shapes, sizes and now colors, are timeless and will certainly be a centerpiece for any bathroom.  Already have one? Then let our trusted home contractors help you determine the cost of installing radiant flooring. Throw away the tatty, worn bathmat that has to be replaced every 3 months because you won’t need them anymore! Radiant heat underneath will keep your claws warm and the floors dry to prevent spills and falls.

    classic bathroom
  • Consider the location carefully. Next to a beautiful outdoor space, remodeling with clean, bright tile in combination with a white basin and bathtub can really lighten up your bathroom.  Open all of the doors and allow fresh air to circulate, creating a unique and wonderful atmosphere for this space.

    bathroom by porch
  • Of course, if you’re going to do something, do it right. The ultimate luxury. A fireplace in the bathroom. Warm up by the fire as you wait for your bathtub to fill or shower to get to that perfect temperature. Add a big screen television and you might never leave.

    tile bathroom with rug

Just like us, bathrooms get tired. Even the smallest of fixes can add a very big splash! Start taking the right steps towards your dream bathroom and let us help you with your bathroom remodel. We have done all the work for you – everything from how much to spend based on your home’s value to the best kind of toilet (yes, Virginia, there is a right kind of toilet). Take a look at our slideshow for some great ideas to get started!