• Wood and stone garage doors

Exciting Garage Door Styles

Your garage door may not seem like a place to spruce up your home or add some style. But here’s the truth: there are a lot of ways to use your garage door to add a creative twist to your home. Here are a few ideas to add some style to your garage.


True, you can’t make your garage door entirely of glass, but of late there have been considerable advances in both glass and garage door construction that allow you to make your garage a more open and airy space. Especially if you’re considering converting your garage into an office, a home gym, or a social space, a glass and steel door gives you a large window letting in natural light and softening the sometimes harsh lights you find installed in many garages. And from the outside, it gives your home a distinctive curb appeal that few will forget.

Courtyard Gates

Adding a gate-style garage door can give your home a nice touch of style, especially for older homes that may have had garages added on to them or renovated a while back without any real thought given to them. Wrought-iron can make your home look more like a castle, or you can choose a more colorful style to better match your home’s colors. As most gates are metal, they’re simple to paint and offer the same security as a standard garage door.

French Doors

Yes, they’re not just for your patio anymore! French doors can easily be added to your garage for a unique look you won’t find on many homes. In addition to standing out, they can also be useful, especially if your garage serves more as a work space than as car storage; you can open just one door to let the fresh air in without having to open the entire garage door. If you’d like to keep the noise down for the neighbors, or need to keep the wind off your workbench while still having access to fresh air, it’s incredibly useful.

Stained Wood

Stained wood doors are rarely seen on garages these days, and that’s a shame. Treated properly, a stained and treated wooden garage door can add style and sturdiness to your garage, and if you source it correctly, wood is also one of the greenest options you can find for garage door construction. With a woodworking shop, you can create any pattern you can imagine—from lacquered squares to a simple, well-stained wood pattern.

Eliminate the Garage Altogether

Or, if none of these options appeal, and you just feel your home can do without a garage, you can simply convert it to an open, covered carport area. It’s simpler than you might at first think; garages are rarely structurally important to the house as a whole. And it can help emphasize your home by removing a large empty box of air.

Whether you’re going to remove your garage completely, or install a garage door that’s a little different, start with Trusted Home Contractors. So, whether you’re hanging a new door or tearing down the walls, start with the professionals at Trusted Home Contractors. End