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Shopping For A New Garage Door? Here’s What To Look For

A garage door is surprisingly economical; many people think it’s going to cost a lot more than it turns out to, even after they look for the most reputable contractor to install the door. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t plenty of places where you might waste money if you’re not careful. Look for these money-savers, and how to choose the door that best suits your home.

Safety First

Garage doors are big and heavy, and everyone in your family interacts with them. So start with safety features; look for doors that won’t pin your hands, as well as ones that have bottom brackets that can take abuse.

Similarly, if you can test the doors out, do so; get a sense of how easy it will be for anybody who needs to open the door to do so. Finally, look closely at the springs on the door and ask about safety in that area; garage door springs can be under extremely high tension and can be dangerous if there’s no safety system in place.


Insulation will help keep your home’s heating and cooling bills down. But just as importantly, the better your garage door’s insulation, the more quietly it will operate and the stronger the door will be. This isn’t a case where the thicker the door, the stronger it will be: Look for a high “R-value,” which measures the thermal resistance of the garage door.

Get polyurethane insulation if possible. Thin panels with polyurethane insulation can actually have a much higher R-value, and as a bonus, it’s more fire-safe than other forms of insulation.


Next, look at material, and remember: your garage door will have to resist the elements. Vinyl can take a beating from weather (and misjudgments in backing up) and never needs to be painted, but it can be more susceptible to degradation from ultraviolent rays. Steel is tough, but will need to be painted and checked for rust annually. Wood is the most attractive, but high maintenance and heavy; and if it gets damaged, it will be expensive to replace. And aluminum and glass can be attractive, but not as strong and not well suited to extreme heat or cold. A lot depends on both your budget and your style, so choose materials carefully.

General Style

Garage doors can come in a lot more styles than you might think. For example, you can get swinging doors, like the carriage houses of old, or the classic suburban roll-up door with raised panels, or even a more contemporary, discreet style. Remember that every family member will have to use it; a heavy, steel carriage door might not be the best choice if you’ve got kids who need to take things out.

Window Style

Garage doors generally come in a wide variety of window styles, from simple rectangles to Victorian-style to a variety in between. Ask your garage door company what styles they offer and which options you can get to match your house.


And, of course, garage doors come in a wide variety of colors. Some, such as steel doors, can even be custom-painted to match your home or a specific design scheme. So don’t forget to add a little style to your home!

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