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8 Essential Things to Consider Before Painting the Exterior of Your Home

Painting the outside of your home should be treated as a major renovation in terms of the time it will take and the inconvenience it will place on your day-to-day life. So it’s vitally important that you select the right contractor to complete this task for you. Here are nine things to consider before embarking on an exterior home painting project:

  1. Figure out what you want.

    “Paint my whole house” is too vague. Walk around your home and see precisely which surfaces need painting. Do you need new paint on your trim as well? How important is it for the finished product to be completely devoid of unevenness? And what precise colors do you want?

  2. Acquire multiple estimates.

    You wouldn’t make a large purchase like a home or car without doing some serious price-shopping. So take the same approach to finding a painting contractor. Get estimates from at least two to three different paint contractors before proceeding.

  3. Find examples of past work.

    Reputable painters should have references available, so follow through and check them out. Try to communicate directly with the individual instead of relying on a random quote on a website. If possible, look at pictures of the completed work, or visit the referenced home in person.

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  4. Block out time.

    Determine how long the exterior home painting project will take and shuffle your schedule accordingly. Figure out when you’ll need to be home and which areas around your home will be worked on each day. Don’t forget to factor in potential inclement weather.

  5. Pick out the paint.

    Paint choice isn’t just about color. Take the time to select the type of paint you want to be put on your home. If a contractor uses certain products, find out which of them are suitable for you. If a painter won’t use the paint you want, go elsewhere.

  6. Get it in writing.

    Before you sign off on a project, obtain a written contract which includes all pertinent costs. Make sure you know about the contractor’s preparation, schedule, and cleanup arrangements, as well as how your plants and exterior objects will be protected.

  7. Agree on the terms on payment.

    Many contractors will ask for a deposit up front. Resist paying out too large of a percentage of the cost up front, because it reduces the painter’s incentive to complete your job. You will also want to withhold the final payment until you are completely satisfied with the contractor’s work.

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  8. Be clear on the warranty.

    Any reputable painting contractor will back up his work with writing. Before anyone picks up a brush, know what the warranty is on the paint itself as well as the details regarding the painter’s guarantees about his workmanship.

There are plenty of honest, dependable, competent exterior home painting contractors out there. In fact, we have a huge national database of qualified, trustworthy home contractors for you to get a quote from. Just fill out the “Get A Quote” form and we will put you in touch with several local painting contractors to help you get the job done. Then it will be your job to do your homework to find the one that’s ideal for your individual needs and desires. Trusted Home Contractors are here to help! End

Chris Martin is a freelance writer about topics ranging from auto insurance to consumer finance to home improvement.