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Making a Pool Patio

By Debbie Lockhart

Are you ready for a pool? Walking around the house with flippers on or reminiscing about your old of water socks? If so, then Trusted Home Contractors can give you a few pieces of wisdom to help you decide on your future pools materials and design.

Poolside Patio Materials

Stamped Concrete and Pavers

These two materials are the favorites among California homeowners. Although it is more expensive, pavers won’t crack if installed properly and can be easily repaired. They also are NOT slippery – which is KEY when you are setting them near a pool.

If you would like to save some money, you can go with stamped concrete. The good news is they come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. The bad news is they WILL crack and the surface is somewhat slippery. You will want to add an anti-skid agent mixed in to prevent the slip-factor.


This material is a high-end custom choice for pool patios. Not only is the surface nonskid, slip-proof and stays cool under your feet, it also comes in a wide variety of color options. Although some variation in color is to be expected, travertine overall is very consistent throughout. Additionally, this material is perfect for those living in cold environments because it withstands freezing temperatures. It can chip however, and the installation is very labor-intensive.

Natural Stone, Flagstone, Brick and Wood

Talk to your contractor about the pros and cons of other patio material options. Many homeowners have used natural stone, flagstone, brick and wood to complement their pool patio and landscape design as well as using the materials as the predominant surface material. Just realize, these textiles tend to be more slippery and can feel hot on your skin, with wood the most temperamental as it needs to be well taken care of otherwise it will dry out, crack and splinter.

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Poolside Extras

Patio Cover, Pergola and Gazebo

Chances are if you are going to build a new patio, then you will consider adding a patio cover or pergola to it. Both options will provide shade for you and your guests when outside and add another level of beauty and market value to your home! It’s is up to you if you include a solid or open roof to these covers. The solid cover will protect your patio from rain and other weather conditions. The open roof will provide a different aesthetic to the entire design and architecture of the patio.

If you have a very large backyard, then a gazebo may be an ideal part of your pool patio. They are freestanding or attached to a garden wall and can provide shade and shelter for your guests as well.

Decks, Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces and Hot Tubs

While on the subject of larger backyards, you can think about additional add-ons to your landscape design. Your contractor will be able to include these extensions with your original estimate and can work on them while building your patio next to the swimming pool.

Lastly, make sure you give real consideration to having a deck, an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and a hot tub. Why stay inside to entertain if you can enjoy the fresh air, a fire and a relaxing bubbly jet to warm up your family and friends! Let the Trusted Home Contractors give you a quote today and make your dream a reality! End