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Window Replacement

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Whether you’re looking to repair a broken window, replace a preexisting window, or install brand new windows, Trusted Home Contractors are here to help!

Should I Replace or Repair My Damaged or Old Windows?

Most people do not find themselves asking this question unless there is visibly broken or cracked glass on their windows. This is a mistake as there are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to repair or replace a window. There are different parts of a window to consider, such as the hinges, frame or glass itself. Things to consider when determining your best course of action include:

  • Flashing and Trim – When replacing your window, it is important to check the existing trim around the window being replaced to see if it will fit and to ensure it is not rotting. If you do need to replace the trim, you are able to choose between a number of different styles such as Mitered, Craftsman or others.
  • Energy Efficiency – This is an incredibly important factor that should weigh heavily in your decision for choosing a new window. You are able to find energy performance ratings on most windows displayed and sold by wholesalers and retailers. Other options are choosing a window with double or possibly triple pane glass, giving you energy savings and a bit of extra insulation, or choosing a window with Low E-coating.
  • Fit – Fitting is incredibly important because windows that are not fitted properly will not properly keep out the elements. Once the window has been positioned, you should have enough space around the edges of the window to place shims as well as apply fiberglass or foam insulation. Be sure to hold up a lit match or candle near the window and watch for flickering from the smoke to determine if there is a gap problem or not.
  • Functionality of the Window – You want to determine exactly how you will be utilizing the window in your home before deciding on a new window. Consider whether you will open it frequently, whether or not you want to clean both sides of the panes while remaining inside and whether or not you will want to install storm shutters, bars or screens.

Replacing windows is something that becomes necessary over time. Whether you are interested in keeping a similar style, keep the exact style or go in a completely different direction, always consider the items mentioned above before making your final decision. When you want to replace, repair or install brand new windows into your home, rely on the window replacement contractor team at Trusted Home Contractors to provide excellent service and advice!

What Window Replacement Option Are Available to Me?

Do your windows need to be replaced? If you make the decision to replace your windows, there are an incredible number of different options available, including:

  • Bay and Bow Windows – These windows are able to extend outwards to become three-dimensional. The use of multiple panes allow these windows to add character to the home’s exterior while offering more panoramic views of the outdoors than flat windows. Screens are typically not offered with this type of window.
  • Specialty Windows – Otherwise known home windows “miscellaneous” category. These windows offer the most customizable options for homeowners who want to control specific trim and paint colors, accents and overall shape.
  • Double-hung Windows – This type of window gives you the functionality of opening it from either the bottom or top while still having the classic look of single-hung windows. While double-hung windows are not the most energy efficient, they do offer a “tilting” feature which allows you to wash both sides of the window while staying inside.
  • Gliding and Sliding Windows – The horizontal sibling of single-hung windows, these windows generally have two panels, one fixed and another you can slide open to one side. These windows are typically inexpensive and are ideal for openings that are wider than they are tall.
  • Casement Windows – If you looking to maximize airflow, these windows are probably ideal for you. Thanks to rotating rather than sliding open, you have almost the entire windowpane space for natural light and fresh air to enter your home. They are also energy efficient thanks to their excellent job of keeping out the elements.

Installing new windows can increase overall value of your home while adding functionality. Hiring an expert window installation contractor like the ones from Trusted Home Contractors will ensure your window installation goes off without a hitch.