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Better Garage Storage

They’re words that fill pretty much anybody with fear: “Honey, could you get something out of the garage?” Cue a long, dusty, messy slog to find wherever that thing was where you last left it, which is usually under a big pile of something else. But it doesn’t have to be this way; there’s plenty of space in your garage, if you know how to use it. Here are a few ideas.

First, Clean It Out

Start with the basics; cleaning the garage is overdue, for all of us, and getting the stuff you know you’ll never use again out the door will do wonders. Getting rid of the junk allows you to focus on just what you need to keep in there. Here’s a good rule to follow: if you haven’t used it in the last 3 years, you probably won’t ever use it again. Toss it, or give it away.

Peg Boards

First, start with some trusty, and sturdy, peg boards on the walls. We all know these from garages in the past, big sheets of wood drilled with holes. Sure, you can use them to hang up your tools, but you can also use them to hang other things: wire bins, shelves, and other storage units. Often, getting stuff off the floor is a good way to keep it organized; it has to stay sorted because it can’t just lie around, slip between boxes, and otherwise disappear. Furthermore, peg boards allow for far more flexibility; as more stuff needs to be put in the garage, you can move things around to have room for it.

Create “Areas”

Part of the problem with garage storage is that people just think of the garage as a big storage area. Instead, create specific areas and workspaces. Keep gardening items arranged and in the proper place, perhaps with a work table and some cabinets, as well as plenty of access to peg board. Keep home repair tools in one place, and items like screws and nails in separate bins and containers. Set aside another area for holiday decorations and other annually-accessed items. The more you think about your garage as a collection of discreet spaces, the easier it is to know what belongs where.

Use Freestanding Shelves

There’s no rule that says you have to put everything on the walls, especially if you’re not using your garage to store your vehicle. If you need more space, and you can’t use all the shelves on your walls, use freestanding storage. In fact, you can even re-purpose old furniture that you don’t want to throw out for this purpose; put that old flat-pack armoire against the wall, add some hooks to the inside, and you have a handy tool storage closet.

Ceiling Storage

Similarly, look into hanging things from the ceiling, especially items you only use occasionally. A well-placed ceiling rack can keep tools like shovels and rakes from falling over and spilling all over the floor, thus keep your garage cleaner.

Keep It Clean

Finally, the best way to improve your garage’s storage? Clean it. A little cleaning can go a long way towards helping you keep things where they belong, and it also means there’s one less long, annoying task every spring.

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