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Think An Empty Garage Is Only Good For Storage?

We generally use the garage for one purpose: storage. Whether you’re storing a car out of the elements, or storing that stuff you insist you’re going to get rid of someday, the garage is generally the place that stuff winds up going. But it doesn’t have to; there’s a lot more you can do with a garage than just throw your old yearbooks in it. For example…

Home Gym

A garage is perfect for a home gym; it’s got plenty of space for the equipment that you might want to install, has power and light hookups, and, unlike some other parts of your house, it’s got a good, sturdy concrete floor. Weights, treadmills, and specialty exercise equipment can get in the way elsewhere, and though the basement is another good option, and garages are more common and convenient. And you’ll save on gym fees, in the long run.

The Home of a Second Business

Many of us are looking to make a little extra money these days, but extra work requires a space free of distractions. Even just setting up a home office in the garage gives your business a separate physical and mental space so you can have clear boundaries in your life. Also, you can claim your new office as a business expense!

An Expanded Hobby Shop

Of course, the classic workbench in the garage has been the place many a dad has gone to work on home improvement projects, tinker with tools, and think about the day. With a full garage, you can expand that space, along with the possibilities. For example, if you look around on Etsy, you’ll find that several handy people have turned their garage into a full-on hobby shop and are manufacturing tools and gadgets for the custom market

A Social Space

Of course, it doesn’t have to be work in your garage; it can be playful and entertaining as well. You can install a home theater, put in a full bar to entertain your friends, buy some vintage arcade games and have your friends over to game like it’s the 1980s. Even if you just want to make it a larger, more open dining room with plenty of fresh air, but sheltered from the elements, you’ll find there’s plenty you can do to make your garage a fresh, social space.

Build Out a Second Kitchen

Another alternative you can consider is adding a cooking space. It’s not uncommon for garages to be used to: cure meats; make your own pickles, jams and jellies, bake, or even just as an extended prep space when you’ve got guests or family over. It can be invaluable, especially for the holidays.

If you’re thinking about turning your garage into a more useful space, start with Trusted Home Contractors. So whether you’re bringing in a few vintage game cabinets, or building a business from your garage, start with Trusted Home Contractors. End